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Trademark registration

The trademark is a designation by which the goods and services of one person are distinguished from the goods and services of others. Trademark is also called a mark for goods and services, a brand name, a logo. The main Ukrainian regulation on trademarks is the Law of Ukraine on Protection of Rights to Marks for Goods and Services."

You have your work style, image, unique products / services, and, most importantly, reputation, then it's time to register a trademark!

Trademark registration will allow you to:

  • To expand the market for your products distribution;
  • Register your domain name in .ua area;
  • Get protected from unfair competition; 
  • Monopolize the use of your trademark; 
  • Transfer the rights to a trademark or prohibit its use.

The trademarks can be divided into several types:

  • verbal trademarks - designations consisting only of words and combinations of letters or numbers; 
  • visual (graphic) are trademarks - designations consisting of drawings, patterns, geometric shapes; 
  • spatial brands - spatial objects (mostly original types of packaging, vials, bottles, etc.); 
  • combined trademarks - designations combining some or all of the elements specified above; 
  • audio brands (usually the jingles and music savers of radio stations are registered) 
  • aromatic trademarks (perfume fragrances).

The following can not be registered as a trademark:

  • symbols depicting or simulating the armorial bearings, flags and other national symbols, official names of the states, emblems, names of international organizations, warranty or hallmarks, seals, awards; 
  • designations having no distinctive character; 
  • descriptive designations; 
  • misleading designation; 
  • designations similar to the trademarks registered or applied for registration in Ukraine in the name of another person for the same or similar goods and services.

The information required for registration of the trade mark is as follows:

  1. image of the trademark (preferably in the form of an image file); 
  2. a list of goods and/or services for which the trademark is registered; 
  3. full name of the applicant (if the applicant is an individual - a copy of the passport and identification code; if the applicant is a legal entity - a copy of an excerpt from the USR).

The cost of trademark registration is dependent on:

  • type of the trademark (verbal, pictorial, or combined); 
  • trademark chroma (color or black and white); 
  • procedures for registration of the trade mark (standard, accelerated, fast); 
  • a list of goods and services for which the trademark is registered; 
  • the need for preparation of objections to the expert opinion.

Below is a table containing the cost of registering a trademark in one class of the International Classification of Goods and Services, depending on the trademark mark and registration process. The said amounts include all the necessary official fees and the cost of our services. The payment is usually made in stages (first for filing of the application, later for accelerated examination, and at the end for issue of the certificate). The above amounts do not include the cost of the company services related to preparation of objections to the expert opinion, as such services are not always required.

Trademark type Standard procedure
(18 months)
Accelerated procedure
(8 to 9 months)
BW verbal or BW pictorial UAH 2 100 UAH 5 200
BW combined
UAH 2 100
UAH 6 900
Full-colored verbal or full-colored pictorial
або кольорова зображувальна 
UAH 2 700  UAH 5 800
Full-colored combined UAH 2 700    UAH 7 500

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